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Your Power On Stage Comes First From Your Genius.
Exceptional Skills Creates The Impact That Gets Results

For 30 years, I've been a storyteller on stage and on camera. At first I travelled the path of actress and TV host. My journey through the industry taught me that passion isn't enough to make an impact. Knowing your true genius nature, staying true to that design and forging a path based on self integrity, will always be the fuel that feeds your success.

Strong skills are an investment is allowing your vessel and voice to carry that genius into the world and create an impact. 

Genius ~ Clarity ~ Skills

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Impact 100
Presentation Master Coach

Empowering Non Profits To Own The Stage

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Over the past 13 years, I have been blessed to coach and empower non profit presenters to take the stage and win millions of dollars in grant money with Impact 100. 

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Ignition Coaching

I am here as a messenger and guide to assist people in reconnecting to their soul's purpose. But it doesn't stop there. Everything I do for you, I had to do for myself. In the past 15 years I went down the rabbit hole of self discovery. What I discovered were untapped gifts that changed my life and my business. It gave me great courage to take bold steps in life.

I never feared change. I feared staying the same. I am here to bring awareness to your true path and assist you in creating the life you always envisioned and then teach others with your message.
As an intuitive and visionary channel, we will:
  • Uncover your true genius
  • Rediscover your new purpose
  • Find and develop your purpose message
  • Create streams of expression using various platforms
  • Unravel the stories that are holding you back from shining
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