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Flipping The Script
with Suzanne 

Unique conversations designed to empower artists and creatives to unleash their genius in new and expanding ways. 

What is my podcast is all about?


Join me in this first episode for 2023 as my guest and dear friend, Jane Rumbaua shares her journey as a working actress. She talks candidly about her hopes and dreams as a child, not being supported on her journey and doing it anyway. It lead her to work with amazing talent including Oprah. She made MARVEL history and she will tell you why and how she got there. She is an amazing talent and incredible photographer with a gift of seeing you as a unique story teller in your photos. You can follow her on her social media platform of choice: Instagram. Like and follow her and watch as this Filipino American actress continues to set the bar high while being grounded.

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Thank you for listening. I am always looking for interested guest to add value for my audience. For questions or to be added to our list of podcast guests, click on this link and contact me personally.

My Recent Special Guest
Jane Rumbaua

Past Guests
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Jane Rumbaua
Marvel -Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Mindset Secrets to Uplevel  Your Acting Carreer
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