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Flipping The Script
with Suzanne 

Unique conversations designed to empower the next wave of story tellers. 

What is my podcast is all about?


My Recent Special Guest
Gaynelle Gosselin

Welcome Gaynelle Gosselin to the stage! She is a master somatic dance instructor and certified in The Alexander Technique . Our conversation covered how freeing up our movement is essential to freeing our creativity. Creatives, in all walks of life and all forms of expression, have this incredible ability to feel into their art. It lives in them and around them. They tap into that source. But when the physical body is also holding information that may not be in alignment with our creative desires, blocks occur and success is hindered. This is where the Alexander Technique frees up the individual and allows their art to be more fully expressed.
My conversation with Gaynelle Gosselin will awaken within you a connection to the energy that is stored up and hampering your creative genius. She shares how you can feel these subtle nuances and how to allow your body to move more freely.  Enjoy todays podcast and connect with Gaynelle on her platforms and website. She can work remote as well. 

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Thank you for listening. I am always looking for interested guest to add value for my audience. For questions or to be added to our list of podcast guests, click on this link and contact me personally.

Past Guests
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