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Awaken Your Flame
8 Weeks 

A happy, inspired and courageous person has the ability to alter the course of their life the way they envisioned. This isn't about manifesting - it's bigger than that and far more empowering. In these 8 weeks together, I will take you through the journey of what it took for me to return to my passion, find my true north and surrendering to the unknown. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it. We never reach the point of perfection in the way which our human minds perceive it to be. But we can return to our source of knowing and allow perfection to unfold. It's a journey that will forever change you, awaken you to patterns that I call "Life's  irritating, yet amazing messengers," and learn how to work within the flow of life.

In our 8 weeks together we will:

  • Learn who you can here to be using your astrological chart

  • Learn how to recognize a pattern when it appears and partner with its current messages

  • Heal broken communication that prevents you from staying true to yourself

  • How to balance dreams with reality

  • Discover new ways of strengthening your intuitive channel

  • Become more creative with your potential

  • ...and more as spirit guides us along an organic journey.

Tools I Use to Guide Our Journey

I the tools I use are the same ones I have incorporated into my daily life for the past 17 years. Some of these are more recent, while others have been with me for decades. I will introduce many of these to you, if we are guided to travel on the different paths. Your spirit will guide us. 

  • Stream of consciousness journaling

  • Oracle cards

  • Intuitive goal setting

  • Mind mapping for creative concepts

  • Astrology and Human Design (it's a life long learning process)

  • Energy testing to help you with decisions

.... and many more will come through as we journey together.

Concrete Wall

Allow Me to Be Your Guide

Let's chat and see if now is the best time to create change. 

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