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"This above all, to thine own self be true."


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To this day, I feel so blessed to be given the desire to tell stories. Acting isn't a job for me, it's one of my vehicles of self expression. When I'm given a character to bring to life, it's as if I have been given a mission to express the needs and wants of the character, for its soul purpose of changing the lives it touches.  Speaking is no different. It's a story first and foremost.

I stared my journey in studies as a psyche major with language as a minor, but soon accepted that acting was in my blood. There was only one perfect choice and that was to be classically trained in theater. I graduated, with honors with a BFA from Florida Atlantic University.


I immediately landed my first agent and continue to work steadily to this day. I can proudly say that I didn’t get my degree as a doctor, but I did play one on T.V. and that was even better.


Later in my career, I took a brief pause to write my first book Ignite Your Life, speak to women on stage about empowerment, homeschool our son, have a daughter and start a retail brand as a top seller on Amazon. Phew, that’s a lot even thinking about it. But eventually, the stage called me back and my journey picked up right where I left off. But the pause was invaluable.

My spirit had other plans. The world needed bold actors as change agents who aren't afraid.

There is no separation between the character on the page and the one performing. The words on the page are a life force that has yet been given physical form. ~ Suzanne Kovi

Where I once needed to be the prettiest in the room, now I desire to be honest, authentic, real, full of flaws and courageous. Mankind deserves it.

My career has a wide range of experiences with starring roles in classical Shakespeare to contemporary roles in independent films and host to many TV shows and commercials. I've worked in independent films, international films and national TV shows. 

I decided to stretch myself and took the stage for my first time doing stand up at The Improv. What a rush!

My motto as an actress is this: Get ready to Be Ready. Study, learn, grow and take risks in life. You never know what you'll discover. I keep my acting chops sharp with private coaching and mentoring from successful actors and casting directors in the industry. 

When I'm not filming, I sped my time writing. I live on 3 acres in the southeast, have 2 kids, 2 cats far too many roosters and chickens and an amazing husband. Please don't tell him I placed him last.

He is my rock!

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