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Your Value Ain’t Cheap since I was a little girl, I felt like I was unique. I didn’t look like my sisters, I didn’t act like my sisters, I didn’t question people’s actions or words…I just lived like a spectator and yes at times, a bit of a door matt. I just never rocked the boat. Even as an adult I find I don’t rock the boat, but I do see where many of my other attributes have so divinely positioned themselves to help me establish a life that is full of value, full of dreams and full of hope. Along the way, I had to travel a bumpy road to see that I needed to slow down once in a while. While keeping an eye on the bumpy road may seem smart, we don’t want to be surprised by another bump, it can also hold you back from looking ahead, beyond the horizon. I hope this message is like a lens for you to help YOU remain looking forward, chin up and on the horizon closer to your life purpose and supported by your passion.

I have many mentors and supporters in my life and each one offers me a glimpse into what is possible. They offer insight into what isn’t working and what I can do to improve upon things. I honor each of them, but today one of my mentors really struck a cord in me and why I’m here to IGNITE you. I’m a researcher by nature and don’t hold A LOT of stock into ways of the mystical world, but then someone comes along and their message or insight into my life send goose bumps throughout my whole body. Sharri Staley, a master numerologist gifted me today and with that gift, I see how I can add more value to the people in my life including my clients.

My mission is to ignite the next wave of transformational speakers and in order for me to be effective in this area, I have to continue to hone my craft, work on my knowledge base and grow as a person. Today Sharri showed me where more work needed to be done, and that was in the area of personal value. Yes, I know my clients value me, my family, my kids and my husband, but how much did I value myself and is there any room for improvement? Ahhhhh, YUP! There is plenty of room. So this was my challenged for today: Look at my life and find every area and every time I was of value. Geesh! Really?! So I ventured to my patio and began to mediate, which lasted only a few short moments before I was prompted to write to you. From the beginning of my time (at least as far back as I can remember) I saw how I allowed my value to be swayed. Here is what I chose to do and I will make sure all my future speaking clients go through the same activity. Why? Because a burning message with influence is rich in character, content, courage and inspiration when the groundwork is established.

Here are three specific incidents in my early childhood when I never saw my value, but I do now:

Age three while doing ballet, I lost control of my bladder and peed on the floor. I asked to go to the bathroom, but denied the freedom to do so. I used to see this from a victim standpoint, but now I see it as a young girl taking a stand and doing what she had to. I was strong then, even through the laughter, I was a victor I still didn’t have to clean it up.

Age five I was told to help change my sister’s diaper, and back then they were cloth. I felt like I was no longer important. But I see now, with my empowered lenses that I bought at the dollar store (inspiration doesn’t have to be expensive) I see my value. I made the choice and ran away to the side of my house. I packed my own bag, I packed my own food and I walked out the door. ME on MY OWN. Back then I wanted to be heard, but now I realize how much power I had that day. I didn’t want anyone to come get me until I was ready and I was respected. I made the choice to go back in the house and no one denied me that power. Of course I had to get a can opener because I forgot one for my Spaghetti O’s. But I made s statement that day: I DO MATTER! I say that’s value.

Age 8 I frequently remember doing things alone. One of my “break the boredom” activities was to go to the café up the road and get a coke and fries. I always seemed to have done this on my own. Ahhh, poor girl. I know it may seem like it and back then it seemed like my closest friends were always off doing things together, without me. Hmmmm, Nope! No victim here! Look at it this way: I wanted the coke and the fries, Oh yes indeed, but I didn’t have a job. But remember I said I was a researcher. It comes in handy when you have to go through the house and look for $110 in change so you can ride to the café and get a treat. Each time I was successful. My value here is that I always found a way to work things out. If I wanted something I made it happen. If I knew I had the power and skills to manifest what I needed. There is tremendous value in that. Do you see the layers of YOUR life filled with gold?

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my signature program is that I ask my students to dig deep and keep digging. They look at experiences and lessons and now thanks to my personal mentor Sharri Staily, they will see the gift of their value. THAT is what makes for great speakers.

I would love to hear more about YOUR story. Feel free to share it.

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About Suzanne Kovi

Suzanne Kovi is a Power & Performance Coach for women. She has been performing on stage and television for over twenty years and has mastered the art of effective message delivery with poise and charisma. She has been on major networks such as Oxygen, Bravo, CNBC and Travel Channel to name a few. Her mission in life is to ignite and empower women to embrace their unique qualities and create a life that is based on passion. She teaches powerful communication skills to executive women entrepreneurs as they seek to grow their businesses, influence their communities and create lasting change on a global scale. She uses her life’s greatest challenges and successes to direct others to take their own stage. She is married and is the proud mother of two children who constantly teach her the power of communication. She lives in West Palm Beach Florida and travels to deliver keynotes.


  1. Hello everyone,
    My name is Sharri Stailey and I have ‘Value’.
    I’ve looked about and around for many reasons to exist and I keep finding those reasons. I will join with you Suzanne and reveal a few details of my story. It is oh so important when we are placing value within and upon ourselves to have someone join in. I almost shared this portion of my story inside another forum that was more private. However, when I asked ‘permission’ I didn’t feel it well received or cared about at all for someone that encourages one to reveal their life story, so I didn’t. I somehow knew a better time would come and it most definitely is now and right here.
    This is the first time this is shared in a public place and there will be later. It’ll be a piece here, there and yonder until I formulate a book one day. It’s an important story where ‘value’ is very much a piece/peace.

    I call this portion of the story “Hell come to Glory 62/8!”

    I want to share with you all just one huge but also small part of my life story to digest. At the time I was in my cage called the wheelchair. I had my precious daughter Brittney. She was the baby of treasure for a mama. She slept when I slept and never learned how to cry until she was 8 mths old. Being in that chair all I had to hold was her at this time, I sat each day alone holding her, smelling her head, kissing and nuzzling her for hours on end.

    My husband was in the offshore drilling business and gone for weeks at a time. My son had started his first year of school. My parents and my brother were working outside of their homes during this time as well. All I had to keep me company was this baby girl and my dog, she was a Rottweiler and her name was Sheba.

    Now Sheba was my go to girl, she brought me diapers to change the baby, she knew how to open the diaper pail to put the dirty diapers into, she could open the refrigerator and could bring me what I told her I needed. She was my familiar and she just knew these things. She was also my alarm clock, the baby sitter when I put Brittney in her crib, she informed me when my son was running in the house, and she kept watch over him as he played in the backyard. She wouldn’t let him within three feet of the fence at any time and would guard against anyone coming close to the fence when he was outside. I’d like to take credit for ‘training’ her to do this, but I didn’t. She did this at will, she just knew how and what to do and she did it on her own as if she were a human being. She would sit there and listen to me talk and she would respond back to me in her very own language that I understood as well.

    There came a day that Brittney wanted to move about, as all children do as they grow up. She was no longer content being in my lap. She had a world to learn and explore but mama couldn’t keep up and this left me feeling very inadequate to say the least. I then had to put her in a cage too and I felt guilty for having to place her in a playpen to confine her from exploring and learning to crawl.
    This sent me into a very dark space among other emotions that I had that consisted of lack of worth, loneliness, desperateness, among many other emotions. I just didn’t know how to ‘survive this one all alone’.
    So now, let me set up a scene for you … I sent my son to school that morning with his lunch, school work, a full tummy, with conversations, I love you, and with hugs and kisses. I spent the rest of my day loving my little girl and with Sheba watching the clock tick by one tick-tock at a time. My husband was due home at 2:00 pm from the offshore rig, he called and said he was on land and headed home. He would be home just before Jace got out of school.
    My mind started stirring and a thought came, this is going to work out with perfect timing I thought. What? I asked myself? The perfect time for what?
    Pay attention to this process … I didn’t even realize this was taking place.
    This is the ‘shadow side’ and what it does!
    My answer came … the perfect time to rid myself of this cage.
    The other side replied, “How?” We end it. We escape the cage.
    So, then this thought rippled through me as I hugged my daughter just a wee tad tighter. I glanced at the clock and it was 1:00 p.m. I have just enough time. It’s about nap time for the baby and I know and she sleeps without fail 2.5 hrs and plays with her fingers and toes for 30-45 min’s before she starts whimpering and squirming to get up. Jace will be let out of school 45 minutes after Gary gets home and he is due here in an hour. Perfect!

    It was suicide I was planning that day.
    I needed out of my cage, I needed the key to release myself of it.

    Brittney did go down for her nap just as always. However, she didn’t stay asleep as always. Instead, and I am positive that she felt my energy turn for the worse and it woke her safe and sound sleep. She knew!
    Call it whatever you wish but it was Divine because in my very last moment to be had; I heard a ‘squeak’ that made me take pause. Within the sound of a ‘squeak’ I heard these words whispered into my ear and in a voice that was hers that had never been able to ‘speak words just yet’. The words were this: “Mama, if you will just come pick me up I will love you forever”.
    The ‘value’ of a squeak is the ‘value’ of a lifetime that could have been LOST with my beautiful now age 22 year old daughter, my now 28 year old son, their father Gary, my parents, my brother, my nieces, and all of YOU that know and love me now.

    Where do we place ‘value’ and in what or who?
    It all starts with you and how you value yourself!
    I had to live through each and every one of my experiences to be here with you this very day, to be a fantastic mentor and teacher. I begged and pleaded for these experiences within my spiritual contract with my Creator to live them. I did this so that I could teach others their ‘value’ and what to look for, what to look at and where to find it! I now know it is all hidden within our CODE! I’ve taken the time to calculate my own code. All of the times, ages, dates, and locations etc. have been calculated for this day in my life. I’ve done these same calculations for other events in my life. I’ve done these very same calculations for other family members, friends, colleagues, and now I do them for my clients as well. No matter what a person has gone through, no matter what you are currently going through, no matter what you will ever through, positive or shadow side.
    It IS a part of your Personal CODE! Don’t ever give up, the best parts are still yet to COME!
    Love & Light, Sharri Stailey ♫♪♥
    Phoenix Guidance Astro-Numerology
    ~The C.O.D.E Configur’it~

    • This is a bold courageous story and one that will add value to someone’s life today. Silence doesn’t serve many except keep the messenger feeling safe. But in the end, the release of the story is the messengers greatest gift to self. Thank you my dear!!!

  2. Awesome! Its truly awesome post, I have got much clear idea about from this piece of writing.

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