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Stop Using Band-aids!

Change-the-WorldStop Using Band-Aids!


The last time I cut myself, I reached for a band-aid. Thank goodness I keep the fashionable kind with varying princess images streamed across the surface. If you’re going to cover an injury, you may as well look good. Even if it doesn’t work, people will admire your choice of emergency repair work. But the day comes, one day, two days, maybe three days later you have to do it. It has to come off. Yup, the dreaded band-daid removal ceremony is upon you. You have practiced this for years and it still brings up feelings of hesitation and expectation. You expect it may hurt, and you expect the injury is healed. Then with a swift rip of the princess image you do it! But then it occurs to you at the moment of separation – part of the wound sticks and the injury you hoped was gone, isn’t. Back to square one. The band-aid. What was missing? Why didn’t it work? Well, that’s why I’m here today. To be a mirror and a voice for so many people who want to know the answer to the hidden injury’s truth. Ready? It didn’t work because you didn’t treat the injury before you covered it.

That’s life isn’t it? We get hurt so we cover it up. We stick a pretty image on it and it looks good, but the injury still exists and if you try to get too strong too fast without healing the pain, another trigger comes along and WHAM! This is why we buy stock in adhesive band-daids, at least metaphorically. Because by doing the safe thing time and time again we think we’re fixing things, but we don’t. We hold the ointment to the pain, we know what can and should be done so when we stand Naked in our self-love and power, and speak our truth, we know we’ll be okay. Better still, we help others be okay too. How do we do this and why am I sharing this medicinal journey to life? Because I live it just like you. But my mission and commitment to life and myself is to be the light when others can’t find their own; to teach and inspire others to use their voice in life and in business so we create an impact that has a ripple effect throughout the world, to launch new voices of courage and change so they can become IGNITORS as well. But to do this, I must BE this. How do we travel this path together and make the journey more fun, more inspiring and more effective? Lets find out.

We come from truth. Life isn’t more beautiful because a band-aid of Cinderella, The Hulk or Dora, although my kids may disagree. Life is more beautiful when we allow our abrasions to show, not as a badge of courage, but rather as proof that we have traveled a journey to discovering our truth and our path. Your truth lies deep beneath the surface of the reality others see. Your truth lies under the layers that have taken the path to strength and healing, and not the path of hiding. It is through expression that we allow the air to surround our healing, we allow others’ to breathe life into us so when the pain subsides, the injury does as well. Your truth is your journey and courage. Speak it with courage too.

Take responsibility for your success. I learn so much through my deepest relationships. Those who are closest to me are my best teachers. Relationships don’t always come wrapped in a pretty Tiffany bag, although I am partial to the blue and bling thing. Great relationships come with an arsenal. Yup, I said arsenal, because it’s the tough times that hurt, that sting, that cut, do we find what we are made of. It’s where we have a wonderful gift to look inside and ask ourselves, “Where is my responsibility?” That courageous view comes with great reward. It expands our energy into a place of higher vibration. It gives us power and hope. With power and hope comes a creative mind. In the place of creativity, we can find our next best path. But dig deep, because in this journey you are being lead to your own greatness, choose the step with conviction. In life and in business, there is no difference – Your Passion is Worth of Expression! What do YOU have to say?

Speak up and often. Pain cannot exist as strong when the voice opens the door to healing. It’s by holding back, holding in, and holding on for dear life does our voice begin to die. It was given to you at birth because your soul is on a journey to feel a human existence. It needs all of you so that it can feel what it needs to feel. It needs your voice so you and teach it what it needs to learn. It needs your voice because it’s the only way it will know it lived a good life. Your life is not s spectator sport. It’s a production! You are the director, the producer, the cast and the writer. Your spirit is the editor there to remind you to stay on target and keep it clear. You have a burning message inside you and it cannot be covered up.

The band-aids we choose will always be there. But when you choose one, make sure you don’t keep it on for too long. You can’t ignore what’s beneath the surface. Oh, it will go away in time and you’ll forget in time. But there will be more to come in life.  By speaking to the world about your life, by teaching from a place of success, compassion and intention to help impact the world, YOU heal yourself. Remember, YOUR Passion is Worthy of Expression! What’s burning inside you?

With love




About Suzanne Kovi

Suzanne Kovi is a Power & Performance Coach for women. She has been performing on stage and television for over twenty years and has mastered the art of effective message delivery with poise and charisma. She has been on major networks such as Oxygen, Bravo, CNBC and Travel Channel to name a few. Her mission in life is to ignite and empower women to embrace their unique qualities and create a life that is based on passion. She teaches powerful communication skills to executive women entrepreneurs as they seek to grow their businesses, influence their communities and create lasting change on a global scale. She uses her life’s greatest challenges and successes to direct others to take their own stage. She is married and is the proud mother of two children who constantly teach her the power of communication. She lives in West Palm Beach Florida and travels to deliver keynotes.


  1. Carrol T Wilkinson says:

    WOW~with tears running down my cheek, You have touched my life in a way that words can’t fully express. You have ingnited an excitement within me; to believe I do have a message to share. Most importantly, you have taken me to a place where I can visualize what it is I want to share. Mirror of Magnificence is alive! THANK YOU, Suzanne!

  2. This is a great article that really hones in on the vital points.
    Your metaphoric intro was just perfect. I related so well throughout the

  3. Thank you, I’m glad you were inspired by it.

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