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“If there is one thing I have learned from over twenty years of performing on stage and national television, it is that the more authentic you are, the more memorable you become. The more memorable you are, the greater your influence, and influence can change your world.”      -Suzanne Kovi

How Would Your Life Improve if
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Women everywhere are speaking up, speaking out and creating massive success because they have the secret to Mastering Influence - They have UNSHAKABLE confidence.  Today’s new economy has lead millions of women to embark on a journey of claiming her place in society as a woman who has a mind of her own, a passion worth pursuing and a voice that matters. They are MAGNETIC! If you are one of these women, or you have a deep desire to create massive success by YOUR design, then you are a woman of influence.

"Transformation is a Choice!"

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Confessions of a Mold Addict


Confessions of a Mold Addict  If the shoe doesn’t fit, twist, turn, shove and push it until the dam thing looks right. Who cares if it hurts, beauty can be painful. Yup, those are words to live by aren’t they? Let me tell you something, finding out the shoe doesn’t fit works best if you […]

I Learned It Doesn’t Work


Life offers a lesson everyday. We’re smart, we know this. Some people spend a lot of time in introspection about ohmmmm-life! I did it today myself, sitting next to a lake looking for divine inspiration as I went into a two hour commitment to work on my next book. I learned something. Thinking about creating, […]

Stop Goal Setting!


Happy Holidays! It’s soon to be 2014! Those numbers add up to equal 7. Lucky number 7! Cool, that means THIS is the year everything we want actually comes true, right? Can you imagine if everything you wanted actually came true? Mine would look like this: Hundreds of new shoes I wouldn’t wear Ten more books published […]

Let’s Get Naked

Suzanne Kovi

There is value in being naked, did you know that? I know, standing in front of a mirror and being naked may not be your favorite thing to do, but for most people the kind of naked I’m really referring to, is far more uncomfortable. Going within and truly seeing who you are, your fears, […]

Ignite Your Sleeping Greatness


What does it take to experience greatness within oneself? I believe to “each their own.” When I was looking for the “true” definition of the word greatness online, I many answers, yet none seem to fit: larger in size than someone; larger in girth than someone or something; larger in number than another, and; of […]

Your Value Ain’t Cheap

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt like I was unique. I didn’t look like my sisters, I didn’t act like my sisters, I didn’t question people’s actions or words…I just lived like a spectator and yes at times, a bit of a door matt. I just never rocked the boat. Even as […]

Stop Using Band-aids!


Stop Using Band-Aids!   The last time I cut myself, I reached for a band-aid. Thank goodness I keep the fashionable kind with varying princess images streamed across the surface. If you’re going to cover an injury, you may as well look good. Even if it doesn’t work, people will admire your choice of emergency […]

I Can’t Believe It!


And the Actor goes to……chirp…chirp…chirp… “Where did everybody go?” My mind whispers to me as I am awakened from a wonderful slumber all nestled in my bed. The moon is shining through the window reflecting the light that awaits me when I step into my own brilliance. Slowly, I emerge from the covers to the […]

Do You Own a High-Wire Act?

High wire

I never thought of myself as someone who is afraid of heights. I have bungee jumped from 160ft. I have climbed 16ft ladders and painted ceilings. I have walked on a suspension bridge over a 300ft valley in Maui. I have zip lined over the same valley. So heights don’t scare me that much. But […]

An Obvious Attraction, But Why?


With each step I feel more powerful. With each step the voice of doubt, fear, uncertainty and confusion slowly disappear and it isn’t because of great self-talk. It’s because of the words I hear during a rare moment in my life, and it makes me wonder. Why do we choose the paths we choose? Is […]